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maudysfr asked: Hello! I love your blog so much. I always check it everyday to see if there's new photo ^^ btw where can i watch style log season 2 ep 1 untill 8? Thank you so much




Ep. 1: eng sub

Ep. 2: eng sub

Ep. 3: eng sub

Ep. 4: eng sub

Ep. 5: eng sub

Ep. 6: eng sub

Ep. 7: eng sub

Ep. 8: eng sub

Ep. 9: eng sub

Ep. 10: eng sub

Ep. 11: eng sub

for those who wanted ep links



Everyone’s watching Junhyung act and then there’s Hyunseung

the cutest beast member ever (✿◠‿◠)

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yoonmorous | do not edit.

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BEAST- Adrenaline teaser

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